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Floor Support System

Floor Support Systems: A Vital Component in Foundation Repair

Foundation repair is a complex discipline that relies on advanced techniques and tools to ensure the stability of a building. One of the many parts of foundation repair is floor support. As the name suggests, these systems are designed to support and stabilize floors that have sagged, sloped, or become uneven over time. Our systems address foundation concerns and adequately repair your home providing many years of floor stability

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Foundation Repair

What is a Floor Support System?

Floor support systems are a key part of our foundation repair services. They ensure the safety, aesthetic appeal, and value of a building. At its core, a floor support system is an ensemble of support columns, beams, and footings that work in tandem to restore the balance and level of a floor. They are especially vital in homes or buildings where the flooring structure has been compromised due to age, water damage, soil movement, or other underlying foundation issues.

Understanding How a Floor System Supports Your Home

Owning a home is an exciting milestone in life, but it is also a big responsibility. Over time, you may notice certain changes in your home, like creaking floors, uneven surfaces, or visible gaps between the floor and baseboards. When you think about it, holding the weight of your home is no small feat. One solution to address these issues is a floor support system. When we restore or rebuild your floor support we give your foundation the strength it needs to support the weight of your home.

Why are Floor Support Systems Important?

First and foremost, a sagging or uneven floor can be a tripping hazard. It is easy to fall when there are cracks, sagging, and uneven surfaces. On top of the risk of injury, no one wants to buy a house with a sagging floor. If you’re thinking of selling your home in the future, having a level and stable floor can significantly enhance its market value. Uneven floors can also become a hassle when it comes to furniture and everyday life. Your once perfectly flat dining table might wobble, or your couch may sit at an awkward angle. Addressing minor floor issues today with a support system can prevent more significant, more costly problems down the line. If left unattended, a sagging floor can lead to additional structural damage in various parts of the home including the foundation and crawl space. With concrete repair and flooring supports, we can preserve the integrity and the visual appeal of your home. Contact us for a free inspection.

Perma-Posts: How We Support Sagging Floors With Supports

Our Perma-Post system is your go-to solution when it comes to stabilizing sagging floors and supporting heavy loads. With its versatility and strength, it fits any crawl space, capable of supporting loads over 60,000 lbs.

Immediate Stability with PolyBase

When paired with the pre-cast PolyBase polymer-concrete base, Perma-Post provides instant stability to sinking and sagging floors. Say goodbye to worries about uneven floors!

Labor and Material Saving Solution

Perma-Post’s lean-construction and heavy-duty column support save time and resources, making it the best system available today.

A Safe Re-Leveling Solution

In residential applications, our Perma-Post system allows for re-leveling sagging floor joists. Available in various heights with screw adjustment, they ensure a fast and safe support system.

Thrust Bearings for Smooth Adjustment

We offer the option of thrust bearings in the adjustment nut, reducing friction during adjustments under load and making jacking easier.

Just as you wouldn’t ignore a health problem, you shouldn’t overlook signs of sagging or uneven floors in your home. Supports are a preventative measure, ensuring your home’s flooring remains safe, aesthetically pleasing, and structurally sound. If you suspect your home might benefit from a floor support system, talk to our foundation and structural experts for effective solutions.

Floor supports, while crucial, are often just one component of a holistic approach to addressing foundation and structural issues. Structural support is essential, but when our team examines your foundation we get the full picture. We can determine if there are underlying problems such as excess moisture or poor drainage that may have contributed to your sloping floors. This way, we can put together a comprehensive plan that will support and protect your home.

Floor Support Systems: Do They Stand Alone?

  1. Immediate Solution for Specific Problems: Floor support systems are particularly effective at addressing localized issues of sloping or uneven floors. When the primary concern is a sloping or sagging floor, a support system might be sufficient on its own.
  2. Underlying Issues: However, sagging floors can sometimes be symptoms of broader foundation problems, such as soil settlement, expansive clay soil, or moisture problems. In these cases, simply adding a floor support system without addressing the root cause may provide only a temporary solution.
  3. Integrated Approach: For many homes, a combination of repair methods may be necessary. For instance, while a floor support system can correct a sagging floor, additional methods like waterproofing or drainage improvements might be needed to address the underlying causes and prevent future problems.
  4. Professional Assessment: Before deciding solely on a floor support system, homeowners should consult with our structural or foundation repair specialists. Our experts can conduct a comprehensive assessment to determine whether the floor support system can work on its own or if other interventions are needed.

Floor support systems are effective tools in the realm of structural repair. However, they don’t always operate in isolation. They might be part of a more extensive suite of solutions, especially when the root causes of floor issues are complex or multifaceted. It’s always best to approach such structural concerns with a comprehensive perspective, ensuring that solutions are not just patches but long-term fixes.

At Trident Foundation Solutions we know how important your home is to you and your family. We focus on giving you a strong and stable home for many years to come with our floor support systems, waterproofing, and drainage services. Schedule a free consult to address any sagging and uneven floors!

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