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Crawl Space Waterproofing

Crawl Space Waterproofing

– Protects homes from water damage and mold.
– Seals and fortifies crawl space.
– Improves indoor air quality and prolongs property’s life.

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Encapsulated crawl space of a house

Crawl Space Encapsulation

– Seals and encapsulates the crawl space area.
– Protects against moisture and pests.
– Improves indoor air quality and energy efficiency.

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Professionals who do basement waterproofing in Montgomery, AL

Basement Waterproofing

– Prevents water infiltration in basements.
– Utilizes specialized techniques and materials.
– Safeguards the foundation, reduces mold risks, and creates a dry, functional space.

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Trident Foundation Solutions

Mold Remediation Through Soda Blasting

– Uses pressurized baking soda to clean surfaces.
– Environmentally friendly and gentle on materials.
– Ideal for mold remediation and restoration projects.

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Man placing a stabilizer in a house foundation repair

Bowed, Buckling, and Cracked Walls

– Uses Perma-Wall, a pre-engineered repair system.
– A permanent solution that restores structural integrity to foundation walls.
– Addresses bowing, buckling, and sheared walls, ensuring stability and safety.

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Floor Support System

Floor Support System

– Strong floor support system capable of handling loads up to 60,000 lbs.
– Ensures stability and reliability for heavy structural loads.
– Designed to fit in any crawl space. 

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Helical system

Helical Piers

– Reliable foundation solution with excellent load-bearing capacity.
– Quick and non-disruptive installation process.
– Ideal for various construction projects no matter how unique.

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Infographics of the benefits of a Driven Piers

Driven Piers

– 100% American made steel.
– Quick and non-disruptive installation process for construction projects.
– Suitable for various applications, offering stability and reliable support.

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Slab foundation repair

Slab Piers

– Slab piers provide a stable and permanent solution for  settling concrete slabs.
– The installation process is quick and does not require extensive excavation.
– Slab piers effectively lift and level sunken slabs, restoring the integrity of the concrete surface.

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Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation

– Spray foam insulation creates an airtight seal, reducing energy loss and lowering utility bills.
– It provides excellent thermal and sound insulation, enhancing indoor comfort and reducing noise.
– Durable, moisture-resistant. Helps prevent mold and allergens from entering the home.

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Downspout Drainage 

Downspout Drainage

– Ensures proper water flow away from the foundation, preventing water-related foundation issues.
– Helps prevent water accumulation, flooding, and potential damage to the property’s structure.
– Proper downspout drainage protects landscaping and prevents soil erosion around the foundation.

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Concrete Floor Coatings

Concrete Floor Coatings

– Provide a durable and protective layer to enhance the appearance and longevity of concrete floors.
– Offers resistance to stains, chemicals, and abrasions, making maintenance easier.
– Various styles, colors, and finishes, adding aesthetic appeal and customization options to floors.

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Our Team At TFS Has Years Of Experience Helping Home Owners Combat Foundation And Water Intrusion Issues

Our team at Trident Foundation Services has years of experience helping residential and commercial property owners combat foundation and water intrusion issues. We started in this to flip the industry on it’s head and offer the best product and service for competitive pricing. You aren’t paying for huge marketing budgets when you work with us… You pay for good, old-fashioned service, mixed with the best products in the industry.

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